The team

Melanie V Shabangu MSc Finance


T: 02380 600 120

Melanie is the brains behind AVASK Accountants, with a previous 6 years in practice and 10 years working with SMEs, she places emphasis on being a proactive accountant, understanding her clients and their businesses.

She has a reputation for providing effective financial and tax planning. Melanie has extensive knowledge of the issues pertaining to construction, engineering, manufacturing and related industries.

Her multidisciplinary approach to client’s bookkeeping, accounting, international VAT and tax matters, and her ability to navigate through the complexities of the tax laws in which she practices, enables her to cost-effectively provide exceptional services and satisfaction. With further ability to detect abnormalities and perform in-depth investigations has allowed her to advise clients appropriately in various financial matters

Melanie hasn’t got a typical day or week as the majority of her time is spent at client premises. On a week-to-week basis she can be reviewing anything from corporate governance to clients’ accounts or performing value-for-money assessments. She is also involved in providing training to client staff, tendering for new work for the firm.

Melanie’s mission is to deliver accounting, tax and advisory services to small and medium sized businesses as an assurance of excellence.

Dr Angelos Katsaris


T: 02380 600 120

Angelos is the partner in charge of corporate finance and advisory, where he assists clients in formulating and executing their international growth strategies to allow for wealth maximization and realisation.

He is also passionate about business development, growth and improvement initiative. He also assists local and international investors with the writing up of business plans and IMs.

He has a keen interest in training and is responsible for writing and tailoring the material used in the core training of the trainee accountants and tax articles for the firm, as well as the presentation thereof. He also writes and presents training at a partner and Director level for AVASK clients.

They are backed by an enthusiastic team of qualified accountants.

We also have a former HMRC official as part of our firm, so we are always up to date on the latest tax issues and will guide your business to conform to the current accounting regulations and framework.